Managing your products just got easier.

October 12, 2014


Dave Coffin

The product page in your Nimbit account just got a whole lot better. All the great functionality you love has been preserved, and now it’s easier to use (even admire the updated smooth look). What started with some tweaks in functionality, evolved into a newly developed Product page constructed from the ground up, ready for your music to be made available to the world with just a few clicks!

List View

The new list view is cleaner and easier to get a bird's eye view of all your products. Manage which products are in your stores right from list view.

Creating New Products

We paid special attention to making the process of creating new products as easy as possible. Click Create New Product, choose the type (Single, Album, Merch or Bundle), and follow the steps. For music products, all you have to do is give it a name, upload your audio files, and choose an image and you're done. We've added a brand new file uploading process that makes it easy to upload many files at once, and see your overall progress. Choose as many files as you want in the file chooser, confirm your track names, and they all start uploading. You can see the progress for each individual track and the progress of all your files at the top of your screen.

If you upload a High Definition audio file (WAV, AIFF or FLAC) for your tracks, we will automatically encode MP3s for you, so your fans can have a choice. But, if all you have is MP3s, just upload those and your music is for sale.

Product Detail

Music Products

The edit screen for your music products should look familiar, but we've made it cleaner and easier to get to the information you need to edit. To edit album level metadata, click the Edit Product Info link above the product view. To edit track metadata, just click edit next to a track. Your digital album pricing for each file format you offer will automatically be available to edit once you upload files for all your tracks.
To sell physical album formats, just add them, set the pricing and stock levels, and start making money.

Merch Products

Creating and editing Merch products is now easier and faster. Manage inventory of all your variants (sizes, colors etc), create custom prices for specific sizes, and upload unique photos for each variant.

Bundle Products

Create a bundle of your products for special promotions and giveaways! Its super easy to set up a bundle product, just give it a name and a photo and choose which products to include in the bundle.