Introducing Plugins

April 25, 2014


Dave Coffin

Plugins are embeddable widgets for your website. You can embed your Profile, Store, Event Calendar or any combination.

For example, if you just want to embed your Events (including ticket sales) on your calendar page on your website, you can create a Plugin with just the Calendar and drop the embed code in your Events page.

Creating Plugins

In the Profile & Store section of the dashboard, click on the Plugins icon. This will load your list of Plugins that you have created.

Clicking Add New Plugin will prompt you for a name and what you want to include in the Plugin.

There are 3 different sections you can include in a Plugin.

1. Profile
If you leave this checked, your Profile will be the first thing people see in your Plugin.
Learn about configuring your profile.

2. Store
If you leave this checked, people will be able to buy and listen to your products right from the Plugin.
Learn how to configure your store.

3. Calendar
If you leave this checked, your Event Calendar will be included in the Plugin. People can even buy tickets to your events!
Learn how to add events to your calendar.

Embedding Plugins

Embedding the Plugin takes a little internets-know-how, but we've made it as easy as we can. If you've ever put a YouTube video on your site, you can add a Plugin too. Its as simple as copying an embed code and pasting it onto your site, blog, or wherever you want it to appear online. Click the button at the top right hand corner of your Plugin settings. You'll see this window:

Copy the code and paste it onto your HTML page. If this is all too confusing for you, contact your web master or get in touch with a web developer to help you learn how to edit the pages on your site.