Introducing the New and Improved Nimbit Store

April 25, 2014


Dave Coffin

The Nimbit Store is the perfect showcase for your products. Add all your audio, merchandise and bundle products to your store and start making money.

The Store

The Nimbit store is a mobile ready, beautiful showcase for your products and merchandise. It comes with built in product promotions, an awesome audio player, sharing for everything including individual tracks and more. You can sell products, give things away for free, even let your fans choose what they want to pay you. And we give you rich, detailed information about every purchase so you can keep track of your fans' activity.

Your Store Settings

In your Web Profile settings, click on Store. This will bring up your product management and theme options settings.

Store Categories

Products in your store are organized in categories. By default, you have one category, and all your products are placed in this category. If you'd like to add more categories, for example "Merch" or "Holiday Specials", simply click the Add Or Edit Categories Link at top the top of the categories section.
As long as you have a Premium account or the Custom Categories feature, you can add, delete or rename an unlimited amount of categories.

To add products to a category, select the category from the drop down list above. Then, click Add Products to This Category below the products list. Choose which products to add, click Add Selected Products, save your work and you're done.

To reorder products (and categories in the category editor), simply drag them and drop them into the order you want and click save.

Theme Settings

Here you can control the look and feel of the store as well as some advanced options.

Product Layout

Your two options here are Top Carousel and List.
Top Carousel shows all your products horizontally across the top of your store, and your fans click the album art to view the product. This view is recommended for embedded plugins since the height of the store is more predictable.

The other option is List view, which lists all your products one after the other down the page.

Carousel Size

In Top Carousel, this controls how large the album thumbnails are.

Contribute Feature in Shopping Cart

This feature allows your fans to add a tip to their purchase. Here you can choose to show or hide this feature in your shopping cart, and if you show it, you can customize the language.